Swayzak Vs. Theorem

Break In At Apartment 205

Image of Swayzak Vs. Theorem - Break In At Apartment 205
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Exalt Records

About this item

I must say I had no idea this was over 20 years old because it sounds as fresh as it was done yesterday. This 'A Break In At Apartment 205' must have been a mega hit back then with its very cushy yet solid beat and classic Swayzak melodic chords. New elements come in and go in playful fashion to create a sense of beauty that few producers can accomplish as well as these two. 
'Bad Hair Day' is another hypnotic minimal techno number that sits comfortably in the gentle section techno with its dubby piano keys and held bass note. It is not dark, it is not raw. Polished and beautiful are better adjectives for this one. 
Loads of techno is released every day but few standout. Although this is not today, it does not sound dated. In fact it will raise your dj cred as soon as you spin this in your local club (or bedroom). 


Sil says: Swayzak and Theorem serving minimal techno realness because it is needed badly. Few productions nowadays match the quality on this 12". If you need to exemplify what minimal techno is, you got your piece right here.


A. Break In At Apartment 205
B. Bad Hair Day

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