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Body Count

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Veteran producer Thomas Feriero graces us with his first album in years and his debut LP as Maenad Veyl. Hosted inside a sleeve designed with Tomaso Lisca are twelve tracks made of the same contained abrasion we fell for on his EPs for Death & Leisure, Veyl and Pinkman. A full-on workout devoid of fillers, ambient interludes and other mindless garbage, ‘Body Count’ is as relentless as the name suggests. The EU is collapsing, the planet is dying, the lizards are in power, my girl's kicked me out the house and the debt is mounting - uncompromising music for uncomfortable times. Terrifying industrial and EBM workouts from Feriero here.


Patrick says: Fuck it, the world's beyond saving now, may as well embrace the apocalypse with this thoroughly dystopian set of wall shaking techno, rugged industrial and EBM.


A1. Bleak
A2. Unhealed
A3. The Adversary
B1. They Belonged With The Others
B2. From Body To Body
B3. Silent Blood
C1. Twelve Regions
C2. Out Of Sight
C3. Heart Of A Machine
D1. Solipsism & Other Comforts
D2. Like A Locust
D3. Permanent Disrepair

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