Red Axes

Sun My Sweet Sun - 2019 Reissue

Image of Red Axes - Sun My Sweet Sun - 2019 Reissue
Record Label
Permanent Vacation

About this item

Reissue of this seminal Red Axes track, originally released in 2016 and going on to characterize a hedonistic Summer the year it was released, it's since become somewhat of a sought after nugget from this technologically advanced duo.

"Sun My Sweet Sun" is an electro-tropical-heater that you'd expect to cause damage at the cutting edge Dance Music™ festivals. Think Dekmantel, Love International and Meadows In The Mountains. "Way To Neptune" is a star-alligned sonic elevation; rampant arps complimenting the celestial stabs and space dust beautifully as this one raises our sprits to the heavens. "Cockroach" concludes with a martian moon dance you'd more associate with Baldelli's Cosmic scene. Red Axes nonethless supply an inspired moment of low slung chug ready for the dancers to get frisky too early on in the session. Top stuff, back on wax once again - don't sleep! 


Side 1
1. Sun My Sweet Sun
Side 2
1. Way To Neptune
2. Cockroach

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