Pontchartrain / Blair French

Afterlife / Pool

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Rocksteady Disco

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It was Memorial Day Weekend 2016, and the sun shined bright over the Detroit River. Pontchartrain stepped up to the decks at the Red Bull stage at Movement Electronic Music Festival donning his infamous 'Detroit vs. Itself' T-shirt. His first song through the Rane rotary mixer was a dubplate made specifically for his set: “Afterlife”. It’s a brilliantly executed Balearic-flavoured daytime disco rework that warrants the praise of summer anthem that it’s earning.

On the flip is “Pool”, an equally sunny slomo beatdown rework from Blair French. It's a delightful blend of cerebral and soulful, and is finally getting a release after being originally championed by Peter Croce on his Le Mellotron Paris set back in early 2018.

This 7" is pressed heavy and cut loud at 33.3 RPM with a normal non-dinked hole. I have to say it's also very nice and refreshing to see the new school of Detroit roll out something so.... UN-Detroit sounding. Much like Manchester gets stuck in 'Madchester' mode, where every Tom Dick and Harry thinks the Stone Roses were the last important band to come out of our city, Detroit too can easily be pigeonholed when mixing up what's come before it, and it's forward looking, future focussed outlook. Innovation and originality is the key across both cities, not genre confines or stylistic endevours. Big ups the D! 


A. Pontchartrain - Afterlife
AA. Blair French - Pool

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