Ghisly Brown

Let's Talk About It

Image of Ghisly Brown - Let's Talk About It
Record Label
Monte Christo

About this item

Originally recorded in 1981, this album is best known for its tropical boogie bomb "Let's Talk About It". Having drawn attention from diggers for quite some time, it's finally available again on vinyl. Besides this killer boogie tune a selection of five other tracks from the album that have remained unknown to most people complete this French boogie / reggae / zouk re-issue.

Limited copies!


Matt says: Listen, I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. There's a reason it's the title track, and the number you're gonna go to time and time again. "Love Forever" might be one fer't smoochers, but "Let's Talk About It" keeps the dancers happy!


A1. Let's Talk About It
A2. Come To Me
A3. I Want You, Black
B1. Be The One
B2. Let Me Get Away From You
B3. Love Forever

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