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There's Always Glimmer

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This is the debut self-produced album by Gia Margaret that went from a low-key release in the US last summer to ending the year across multiple international critics’ Best Of lists (including Gorilla vs Bear & Line Of Best Fit).

Finally getting the release outside of North America it richly deserves, There’s Always Glimmer is an accomplished debut whose fragile, intimate beauty has already captured many hearts. Informed by the likes of Juliana Barwick, Stina Nordenstam and Linda Perhacs the album threads elements of folk, shoegaze and ambient electronics whilst retaining the exposed charm of her early bedroom recordings.


1) Groceries
2) Birthday
3) Figures
4) Smoke
5) Goodnight
6) In Normal Ways
7) Looking
8) For Flora
9) Sugar
10) Exist
11) Wayne
12) West

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