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Balearic Blah Blah 17

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After a 2 year hiatus marooned on a desert island surrounded by singing frogs and dancing jellyfish, the incognito re-edit label Balearic Blah Blah is back once again with a fresh batch of DJ delights from the motley crew of editors. Master Editor KB leads the charge kicking things off with an off kilter track "Pheew Position" from the Parade Album which has been maximized for longer dancefloor steel drum-funk, reminiscent of his eighties DJ sets where he used 2 copies of the original 2 min track.
Hamburg‘s frequency without control follows on to give us a sleazy, soulful German Balearic boogie gem in "Scheidung Nacht", a track for rolled up sleeves, powdered noses and neon lights. Closing the A-side is "Los Ninjas", a finger plucking flamingo fiesta of a track found by KB in a dusty & dirty basement in Aarus, Denmark on his global travels!
On the flip comes New Yorks finest Balearic Bastardo, with a monster disco-edit which was hammered by DJ Harvey at his Mercury Rising residency at Pikes, Ibiza. KB slows things down for the final cut, another find on his travels, this time in Amsterdam where it was lurking behind a Red Lighted radiator in a notorious coffee shop. Maximized editing for your aural pleasure.
That’ll do!


Patrick says: Finally back after an extended vacation, the folks at Balearic Blah Blah bring us another fresh batch of Balearic and disco edits from KB, Frwctrl and Bastardo. Dig in for a primo purple extension, swooning German AOR outing (personal fave that!), flamenco frenzy, gospel-disco destroyer and melodica-topped afternoon croon. Predictably unpredictable, and just a brilliant as ever - big up the Blah Blah!


A1. Pheew Position (KB Edit)
A2. Scheidung Nacht (frwctrl Edit)
A3. Los Ninjas (KB Extended Mix)
B1. Dancas (Bastardo Edit)
B2. The River (KB Edit)

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