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Snaker 010

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After first serenading our cerbellum via an exquisite EP of deep machine voodoo and techno-pagan mediations on Balearic Social, Romanian synth druid Eirwud Mudwasser is back on wax with his first full length, the tenth instalment of the ever-heady Snaker series. In keeping with the label's recurring theme of "Contermporary Library Sound", Vlad-Stefan Matei locks into the hardware, lets loose on the balafon and looks into the distance, conjuring an impossible landscape of futuristic machinery, rising waterfalls, neon swamps and prismatic clouds.

We soar into the scene via the bleeps, squelches and sequences of the kosmische "Hiccup" before the techno-tropical throb of "Hahahaha So Sad" places us on terra firma, quickly coming to terms with the hallucinatory sights around us as oddball echoes, sci-fi synth-tones and desk-dub motifs fill the soundscape. Follow the fizzing stream and you'll see the "Crazy Lilo" a frazzled floor filler which houses a disjointed Thai vocal and all manner of madcapped static. The "Drum Machine Circle" syncs up electronic cicadas and clattering percussion with tropical synth stabs, before the relaxed and reclining "Martn Drums" closes the side out with blissed out keys, simple percussion and a sampled vocal.

The B-side begins with the balafon on the immersive and organic "Treewalkers Cradle Song" before the slanked out and chip-heavy "Snails" provides a slow and subby interlude for the smokers. "Italoh Sirens" picks up the pace with its peak-time weirdness, all twisted space sirens, bleeping waveforms and spaghetti western guitars riding a hypnotic Italo groove. "DX Cola" hammers out the clap track, tumbling toms and bonkers sound FX, all dubbed to within an inch of their life, slapping you into submission so that the spangled and mangled e-funk of "Don't Spill Wine (On The DX)" can quietly steal the show. Signing off with the stuttering synths and splintered vocal of "Sabat", Vlad pulls us back to the future past after an outrageous debut LP.


Patrick says: Effortlessly melding the organic and electronic, Bucharest's premier techno-pagan, Eirwud Mudwasser cooks up 11 tracks of unparalleled synth-funk, shamanic drum tracks and dubbed out dancers for all you froglickers out there.


A1. Hiccup
A2. Hahahaha So Sad
A3. Crazy Lilo
A4. Drum Machine Circle
A5. Martyn Drums

B1. Treewalkers Cradle Song
B2. Snails
B3. Italoh Sirens
B4. DX Cola
B5. Don't Spill Wine (On The DX)
B6. Sabat

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