Cowgirl In Sweden

Cowgirl In Sweden

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Record Label
Courtesan Music

About this item

No press release, no photos, no clues.

A stark typographic album cover with minimal information.

Twelve tracks spanning two sides of heavyweight vinyl.

“A desert pop masterpiece for the modern audiophile.”


Laura says: This private press of 300 copies from Manchester based Cowgirl In Sweden is shrouded in mystery. Obviously the nod to Lee Hazlewood gives some clue as to the direction of the sound; there's a definite 60's vibe and the sun-dappled sweet melancholy conjures up images of hazy summer days. (You can almost see the Super8 film footage shot on the Champs-Élysées that would accompany it.) If dreamy, psych-tinged pop is your thing, then don't snooze on this.


1. Dream Number 01
2. This Earth
3. Here’s Where You Belong
4. Frozen
5. Dream Number 03
6. Headache In My Heart

1. Welcome Home
2. Blood Runs Cold
3. Patterns
4. Dream Number 04
5. Pastoral
6. Peacekeeper

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