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Tiger & Woods come back with a new album - the third one to date. It is packed with playful melodies, italo disco, balearic house and cosmic funk. Believe or not all samples are legit and copyright paid in full! 
These two Italian producers know how to work out the sustain-release pattern pretty well. It is not just a cut and paste exercise - creativity is at the epicenter of their creations. The opener, 'Forever Summer' is a slow chugger with plenty of sunshine. Very glossy. 'Warning Falls' carries on with the same narrative but accompanied by some vocals with a strong vocoder thrown on top. Reminds me of some ole good Daft Punk. In 'A Lovely Funk' we get more cosmic and more funky. Sounds like Sade in places. 
'Night Quake' goes a bit darker and even slower than the chuggers above. Could fit in the 'Drive' soundtrack with any Italians Do It Better stuff. 
On the flip, 'The Bad Boys' up the tempo slightly and loop the hell of a great riff creating a monster track, followed up closely by the italo, Moroder-esque 'Salsaro Ete'. Dancefloor territory now. 
On '1AM', as the title implies, we are pumping and thumping on the dancefloor with its bright neons and playful acidic melody. Closing the LP is 'Kelly McGillis' where the tempo is slowed right down to produce a hypnotic 80s beauty with an outstanding bassline. 
Classic Tiger & Woods. In top shape as the golfer himself who has just won the Augusta tournament after battling his inner demons!


Sil says: No, they are not fading out. These two Italians still do it finely . A compendium of slow chuggers, balearic house bliss and at time dancefloor friendly hits. Cut and paste in a more refined manner. Still rocking!


1. Forever Summer
2. Warning Fails
3. A Lovely Change
4. Night Quake
5. The Bad Boys
6. Salsaro Ete
7. 1:00AM
8. Kelly McGillis

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