Jamal Moss (Hieroglyphic Being)

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Pure Chi-town mysticism on this new 7" from Taiwan's R=A.

RB & MB sour up the dance with Jamal Moss enlisted on archival, re-edit / remix duties. Fans of Poindextor, Africans With Mainframes, Members Only, Adonis, Ron Hardy etc need only apply.

Pickles on 45 (70g, 7inch). TIP!

PS. It might say Trad US House on the description but this is as far away from the template as you can get. BONKERS Windy City dance voodoooo!


Matt says: My favourite, long standing sound merchant Jamal Moss continues to awe and inspire, introducing new label R=A into my receptive head space.


1. Pickled Edit
2. 747 Version

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