Alma Negra

Remixed - Bambounou / Glenn Astro / Michal Turtle

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Alma Negra

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A set of on trend remixes are presented for our listening enjoyment on this latest 12" from Swiss collective Alma Negra who enlist Bambounou, Glenn Astro and Michal Turtle to remix a trio of tracks from their exquisite catalogue.

First up, "Kabare" is deftly transformed into a deep rooted percussive workout, subtle nuances in the various hits providing a natural push-pull to this most tribal of rhythms.

Money $ex boss Glenn Astro provides a nice downbeat rub-down of "Haleto Lale Lalo", resplendent with humming organ lines, punctuated with his MPC and decorated with analogue swirls and fx. It's delcate and poised and really quite beautiful.

Finally, Michal Turtle injects "Tany Be" with a certain level of horizontal sophistication only he can muster. Unusual drum patterns reminiscent of Wally Bandarou's ""Echoes" cascade under lounge sax and twangy bass; while the odd suspended jazz chord keeps us in titillated suspense. This is really good folks.


Matt says: One of the more spellbound releases of the week; a choice selection of remixers breathes new life into three Alma Negra tunes and turns out a beauty of a 12" in the process. You need!


A1. Kabare (Bambounou Remix)
B1. Haleto Lale Lalo (Glenn Astro Remix)
B2. Tany Be (Michal Turtle Remix)

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