DJ Dove

God O'Mighty EP

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Sound Metaphors

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Thick n chunky (™), vintage house music here on the ever-reliable Sound Metaphors.

Unceremoniously switching between reissues and original material, SMR01 was the first release on this burgeoning label, which has since seen Carmen, Fettburger, Instinct and Global Electronic Network all represented on wax.

This one caused so much hoo-harr when it first came in out 2016 that the crew have handily repressed it for us now. Originally, ORIGINALLY (if ya getme?) out in 1994 on Deep Groove, the "God O'Mighty EP" effortlessly delivers that classic HOUSE SOUND, via his native New Jersey. Stylistically it shares much with Terrence Parker's Intangible Records, or Pal Joey's Loop D' Loop label - utilizing classic disco and soul samples with primitive sampling techniques then bolstering with clattering, shuffled drums that really bang! It's a simple formula but few do it with some much conviction as this. Top drawer stuff that really put the label on the map - be sure to cop this re-press before it's too late. 


A1. Illusions
A2. Organized
B1. Sesame Groove
B2. Really Injected

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