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Trust Issues

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Banoffee Pies

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Banoffee Pies Records ninth edition to their original series lands on BP009 featuring Vancouver duo Plush Managements Inc. aka D. Tiffany, rising producer and label manager at the wonderful Planet Euphorique, and Regularfantasy of Total Stasis, with their sub heavy trance state track with rolling hi hats "Plush Egg” on the A1. The A2 comes from Kiev born techno artist Voin Oruwu who joins with futuristic break beat drum rhythms and swirling vocal hook on “After All". The B side takes a darker turn with raw and clean dance floor garage from another Bristol local, Hartta on “Trust Issues”. The B2 ends with experimentation from the classically trained UK musician Keppel, with game like soundscapes in “Atari”s accelerating cinematic instrumentation. Music for the floor. One love, BP x


A1. Plush Managements Inc. - Plush Egg
A2. Voin Oruwu - After All
B1. Hartta - Trust Issues
B2. Keppel - Atari

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