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Violet Street

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Local Natives are an American indie rock band based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California. Face-to-face songwriting and musical interplay put to tape: the classic studio setting is juxtaposed on Local Natives’ fourth full-length, Violet Street with modern production and visuals to form a timeless album. The band’s signature soaring 3-part harmonies are augmented by loops of tape, physically spliced and transformed by hand, the result of experimenting in the studio with producer Shawn Everett [Alabama Shakes, Kacey Musgraves, The War On Drugs] is a band renewed.


01. Vogue
02. When Am I Gonna Lose You
03. Café Amarillo
04. Munich II
05. Megaton Mile
06. Someday Now
07. Shy
08. Garden Of Elysian
09. Gulf Shores
10. Tap Dancer

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