Kasoto - Noche Espanola, DJ Speedy Boarding, Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu Mixes

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Ahead of his brand new Cantoma LP, Balearic hero Phil Mison whets our appetite, whistle and pants with a brand new remix 12" of forthcoming track "Kasoto", recored in Gambia with the help of Advoms Skhaan and featuring the vocals of Jojo Mendy. 
Phil starts the beach party himself under his Noche Espanola guise, slipping us a rather frisky Balearic house bomba, all flamenco guitar, hand claps, kora and carefree vocal with a sublime diversion into early Noid dubspace. Not only is this one seriously refreshing treat, but Phil sticks the umbrella in the cocktail on the A2 in the form of a bonus beat for anyone looking to get creative during happy hour. Over on the B-side, the scourge of Easyjet, DJ Speedy Boarding (best name of the week!) strips the more frivolous elements of the original back for a steamy mid tempo jacker topped with an 8-bit motif a la "Dream Beam". Finally, mysterious Japanese do Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu serve up a version for the sundowners, embracing the widescreen with a panoramic variation rich in nuanced percussion, gentle nods to folk and swelling pads. 


Patrick says: With summer just around the corner, Mr Mison trails his forthcoming Cantoma LP with this jolly remix disc including his own Balearic house version (plus bonus beats), an Adriatic jacker from DJ Speedy Boarding (lol) and a sublime sunset edition from Karel Arbus and Eiji Takamatsu.


A1. Kasoto (Noche Espanola Remix)
A2. Kasoto (bonus Beats)
B1. Kasoto (DJ Speedy Boarding Remix)
B2. Kasoto (Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu Remix)

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