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I wonder how many times I've said 'hot new shit from FXHE and label head Omar S' in my twelve or so years hammering out reviews here in the bunker. Literally countless, the Detroit label has become almost symbiotic with my time spent here, with Alex Smith one of Detroit's strongest, currently-active flagbearers and FXHE pretty much a go-to stable for the latest North American hardware jamz....

Cue AOS-200 (not, as it happens, the 200th release on the label, but he's getting mighty close!). Four new tracks from the pinball wizard, ready to rock both the dancefloor or late nite high speed car cruises....

"Better Believe It Baby" pairs finger snaps, a catchy keyboard motif and gentle perx for a classic Omar S beatdown number that recalls some of his earliest works.

"Catch Ya" is smooth, garage-fused house; again a familiar trope for long term fans (think: "Rewind" off "Thankyou For Letting Me Be Myself") and sounding extra spesh here... Hats off to the vocalist!

"Cheat" is set-your-pants-on-fire tekno. With Smith's HE-AVY hi-hats weighing hard on growling bass and an incessant vox - 'CHEAT!' - mega this one folks!

Finally, title track "Pull Ovaa" keeps up the weighted drum sounds as chopped piano notes roll out over the MPC before an inspired beat construction readies the track for habitation.

Ace stuff as always here from Omar S. Recommended.


Matt says: Ever-reliable Detroitian business from long serving community record label FXHE who continues to keep both feet in that patch marked: 'PURPLE'.


A1. Better Believe It Baby
A2. Catch Ya
B1. Cheat
B2. Pull Ovaa

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