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New York City / Whistle Bump

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South Street Disco

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Following on from the standout D.J. Rogers release, South Street Disco turn their sights to reissuing two seminal and much sought after ‘70s jazz funk Loft classics. One side houses Miroslav Vitouš’ cosmic disco delight ‘New York City’, the other uncovers the Latin infused whirlwind ‘Whistle Bump’ from Eumir Deodato.

First up the Czech jazz bassist and founding member of Weather Report, Miroslav Vitouš, supplies the infectious vibrations of ‘New York City’. Harnessing the spirit of the bubbling NYC underground club scene of the mid ‘70s, Vitous lays down a proto Arthur Russell flavoured jam, that blends whirling new-wave-esque vocals and brazen basslines over trademark cosmic keys from the master, Herbie Hancock. Combined with tight drumming and fiery, overdriven riffs it paved the way for this to become a dancefloor hit and a clear precursor to the early house scene. With originals trading hands for £120+ it’s high time ‘New York City’ got an official remastered reissue.

On the flip side, a timeless Brazilian instrumental jazz-funk gem from Eumir Deodato that likewise became a certified classic through heavy rotations on New York’s revered dancefloors, most notably via David Mancuso at The Loft. Feel good feelings amplified by spirited Rhodes, psychedelic strumming and that sure-fire Latin infused bongo / whistle carnival combo. Carefree, unbridled energy that sees Pops Popwell’s funk bass perfectly accompanying blazing guitar solos and a horn section from heaven, it’s impossible not to get down to. Pure South American sunshine bottled up and ready to be supplied at will.


Patrick says: In much the same way that Dire Straits' guitar George "...knew all the chords", South Street Disco have all the classics. Fresh from official reissues of DJ Rogers and those Nina Simone remixes, the label give a fresh press to a pair of Loft classics from the glory days of the disco scene. If you don't own these two gems, you'll never get a better chance.


A. Miroslav Vitouš - New York City
B. Eumir Deodato - Whistle Bump

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