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Future Fantasies

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Jackie Charles (the love-child, band and alter ego of Kaja Bremnes) are releasing their debut album Future Fantasies on April 19th 2019. Dividingtheir time between the rooftop bars of Berlin and a Norwegian fishing boat, the record was recorded in Hannover and mixed / mastered at Oslo’s Propeller Studios.

The band’s songwriting combines the 1980s goth angst of The Cure with the nihilism of Ariel Pink with the heartbreaking vulnerability of Alvvays. A washed out, hallucinogenic quality permeates the album, with brutally honest lyrics concealed beneath sugary sweet melodies. This is a Summer soundtrack for those with more nihilistic tendencies.

Themes of escapism are explored, for example on ‘Time Travel’, with the band telling us “reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and sometimes living in the past is better than being in the present. Haven’t you ever wanted to travel back to a time when things were less complicated and you felt safe?”whilst title track ‘Future Fantasies’ is more grounded, demanding a reality check for the culture of “thinking positive, dreaming big… If you can dream it, then you can do it. Who cares if society is failing and the sea levels are rising? *whispers* -you’re special-”


Barry says: A beautifully dynamic and exciting mix of crescentic stadium rock, progressive synth and more introspective, quiet indie singer-songwritery. Bremnes' voice is the pivotal point here however, acrobatically swinging between Kate Bush-esque falsetto and quiet, sultry drawl. Lovely stuff.


1. Amnesia
2. If Death Was Sleep
3. Dominikas Song
4. Baby
5. Time Travel
6. My Moon
7. Future Fantasies
8. Greedy
9. Birthday Song
10. Midnight Sun
11. Timing Is Essential

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