Pyramid Of Knowledge

The Elevation

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Hardbeach Entertainment

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Classy electro here on Hardbeach Entertainment. All tracks by Pyramid Of Knowledge. Tight, neck-snapping pneumatics open the EP via the rigid funk of "The Elevation", which doses said pistons in drifting 303s for a truly stadium-slaying, proggy outlook. Hybrid breaks harking back to the classic years of prog! "Secret Order Of Jaresiwald" follows, an argy-bargy electroid beast with a big fat hook blasting outta its percolated 808 beats from the off - megoh. "The Afterworld" follows and has as much in common with Clark and James Holden as it does the electro forbearers of olde. Thick, advanced sound design encompasses the track; with a distinct. galloping rhythm that's gonna sound blistering at high volumes. Top stuff. "Son Of Edjo" concludes and returns to that cybernetic b-boy jive, straight up robo-rude-boy / cyborg gangsta shit. Recommended!


Matt says: Hard Beach Entertainment might be one of my fave labels of the nu-electro resurgence. This offering is pressed HEAVY; those kicks rumble and the snares snap hard. Certain to damage even the sturdiest of rave strongholds.


A1. The Elevation
A2. Secret Order Of Jaresiwald
B1. The Afterworld
B2. Son Of Edjo

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