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Fading Pictures

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Public Possession

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Tastefully executed eleco-disco chuggers here Aksel & Aino on the Public Possession label. "Fading Pictures" will be a welcome sonic intrusion for existing fans of Chromatics and much of the Italians Do It Better label. Resplendent with analogue optimism and decorated with a dreamy female vocal, it's the tracky, VHS-hued 80s homage you never knew you needed! "Belong Here" continues the theme but drops the BPMs; rolling out an angelic moment of psychedelic pop perfection as wave after wave of analogue arpeggio ripple over our primed ears and bodies, before the same vocalist is on hand to hold our hand as we elevate into the heavens. "Fading Pictures" was so good, the pair revisit it for an extension, closing off this most crucial release in superb style - you need!


Patrick says: Public Possession show their sensitive side here via this sophisticated hit of suave synth pop from Aksel & Aino. Like the best bits of Italians Do It Better with the New York diner swapped for a ristorante on Capri - prosecco disco maybe?


Side 1
1. Fading Pictures
2. Belong Here
Side 2
1. Fading Pictures (extended Version)

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