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Red Laser Records EP 9

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Red Laser Records return to Earth after nearly a year hiatus with the first of aslew of new material due in the pipeline this year. Sporting the tag line: #inabiteveryoneelse, the well respected Manc firm deliver four more gems from the Manctalo underground with new signing Senor Chugger & Count Van Delicious opening the EP with the bonafide anthem that is "Dark Fruit". Wher the fuck is label head Il Bosco pulling these acts from?! This has 'classico' written all over its shuddering analogue stems and scary-good 'Count' vocal section. Starion charges up the laser beams for a certified all-nite-robo-disco smasher which should have you reaching for the air trigger as this one beams outta the stack of your favourite dance club. Luca Dell'Orso is on hand to drop some fully authentic, mid-80s' styled Eyyee-Tal-OOO disco 'ar kid, and accomplishes so much you'll be forgiven if you end up cracking out the poppers unceremoniously to this erotic thruster. Old fave Kid Machine cracks out some more narco-electro-disco via the anthemic, end-of-night throbber, "Stadio". It's another steller ride thru the chasms of the current Manctalo scene and we find it in stronger form than ever before; both nurturing new talent and further developing existing acts. The most important label in the world right now for those wanting to visit that classic, analogue dancefloor sound. Totally recommended.

Limited press with riso print wrap around poster in PVC sleeve.


Matt says: Phhwwooooar! Cop a load of this you c**ts! Everyone knows Red Laser distribute the hottest Manctalo vibes this side of Salford Van Hire, but this my friends - THIS IS THE ONE!! You'll have doubtlessly heard Marsh or Pizzaman caning "Dark Fruit" out n about, now "Stadio", "Dystonia" and "Loose Ends" are here to make the Summer thrust n throb and climax in synth-jizz abandon. Get in.


A1. Senor Chugger & Count Van Delicious - Dark Fruit
A2. Starion - Dystonia
B1. Luca Dell'Orso - Loose Ends
B2. Kid Machine - Stadio

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