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Holy mirrorballs batman! Live and direct from NYC, fresh imprint Armstrong lands on the Piccadilly shelves with a scorching inaugural release. After enduring years of substandard edits and ropey house versions, a bona fide genius from the formative era 12" remix era of NYC's Disco explosion opens up his secret vault and unleashes a pair of beauties, custom built to create mayhem wherever they go. Previously unreleased, even on acetate, these two cuts come from a true pioneer, and the quality speaks for itself.
On the A-side, TM runs the scalpel over The Temptations' 'Runaway Child, Running Wild', extending and expanding the soulful disco classic into an irresistible, unstoppable psychedelic groove laced with heady desk fx. Pushing the already spectral effects and soundscaping of Norman Whitefield (taking his first steps into psychedelia with this 1969 production) to the next level, our NYC pioneer ditches the tired doo wop of the original's first half and picks up where the groove starts to roll in the second half, making excellent use of those syncopated hats, slick bassline and wild vocals. Red hot! 
Over on the flip, TM takes us deep into Paradise Garage territories with a stripped back and stomping multitrack edit of Brit Funk legends Funk Masters and their 1980 banger "Love Money". While most people duke it out between the Bo Kool rap of the A-side and heads down instrumental assault of the flip, this editor unearths an awesome female vocal, apparently rejected by the label at the time, and puts it front and centre. Energised with an infectious vocal riding that demented dubwise groove to dance floor ecstacy, this version pushes the others out of the way to gain definitive status. Amazing stuff on both sides.


Patrick says: We only get edits this good once every few years, so make sure you snap this up. An unnamed NYC disco pioneer (he totally is, and maybe if you ask me nicely I'll tell you his name), opens his personal vaults with two scorching disco edits, old school style. The Funk Masters rerub on the flip is a thing of 3 a.m. beauty, but it's the psychedelic disco shuffle of his Temptations edit on the A-side that's currently blowing my mind. Double good.


A. Runaway
B. Love Money

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