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Destroyer - OST

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"Destroyer" tells the story of Detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman) whose life is turned upside down when a past life comes back to haunt her in the form of ink-stained money and a corpse with a mysterious neck tattoo of three black dots.

Like their previous collaboration ("The Invitation"), Theodore's score is emotionally devastating. Similar to Erin Bell, the album is rageful, intense, loving and sublime. The album is a journey, sonically tracking from bank shootouts to foot chases and hubristic comeuppances - ultimately arriving at one of Theodore's beautiful pieces of music titled "Ecstasy".


Side A
01. The Body
02. The Calling Card 
03. Taz 
04. Eastward 
05. DUI 
06. Chasing Arturo 
07. Hungry Little Mutt
08. Merry-Go-Round
09. LAX
10. Animals Come Out 
11. Bank Shootout

Side B
12. From Dusk To Glendale
13. The Apology
14. The Color Of Money
15. Bank Job Gone Wrong
16. Full Circle 
17. Chaconne 
18. Ecstacy 

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