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Best Italy

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Another classic remastered Italo Disco / Cosmic Classic from Best Record Italy, originally released on Musix Records in 1982, produced by legendary Italian producer Maurizio 'Sangy' Sangineto. (Change, Armed Gang, Firefly).
If you've never heard this mirrorball missile, imagine dropping the tempo on Debbie Jacobs' "High On Your Love", sticking a super smooth chorus in the middle and replacing the Hi-NRG elements with the smoothest, smooching groove possible and a super low slung bassline. Here we get the original mix and instrumental on the B-side, while the A-side boasts the special electronic cosmic version with totally tough snares, bubbling bassline and outrageous space other words..utter Italo joy! 


David says: Oooft. Italo disco records don't come any better than this absolute BANGER. 6 minutes of ecstacy that probably had a young Silvio Berlusconi sleazing his way to success across any dance floor that came to hand.


A1. Stop (Special Electronic Version)
B1. Stop
B2. Stop (instrumental)

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