BAH 050

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Bahnsteig 23

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Awww shit son. Bahnsteig 23 is back with another bunker bustin' bit of audio ammo, this time from Ziggy, who conquers many a style and flavour on his label debut. How about a little new beat fist pump for starters via the bristling "Trance Gigolo". Take one part industrial clatter, one demonic top line and a hefty bass sequence and away you go. Looking at the name, I really hope this is a DJ Hell romper circa 2003 slowed way down. Enough of my electroclash obsession, what's on the A2? It's the hooded and clandestine goth-pop of "Yo Let Her", a goth groover which makes excellent use of slide guitar, chanted vocals and that particular strain of feeback you can find on any dark ambient record. Onwards and upwards (tempo wise) we go on the B1, falling under the black magic of "Amfobia", a rather sinister bit of post disco froth with a punk funk rhythm section, vocal casting and horror organs. All of which witchy action leads us to the cauldron bubbling B2 "Freaky Leaches", a haunting post punk dubber with a particularly damp aesthetic. Hubble bubble bitches!


A1. Trance Gigolo
A2. Yo Let Her
B1. Amfobia
B2. Freaky Leaches

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