Ghostride The Drift

Ghostride The Drift

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Apart from possessing one of the more alluring names to grace dance music in recent times, Ghostride The Drift also make some of the most arresting and aurally disturbing mutations of electro and tape-fried techno we've ever heard!

Recorded in Berlin by Shy (uon, Caveman LSD), Naemi (Exael) and Brian (Huerco S, Pendant; READ: a who's f***ing who of sound benders and hardware boilers) - and brought to you by D. Tiffany & uon this is 100% circuit-bent power for the more expanded minds out there. Sounds ooze, there's an interplanetary slant to the whole damn thing and tracks shimmer out of focus at will. It's thoroughly engrossing and totally head-twisting - just the kinda shit we go absolutely ape shit for here at Piccadilly Records. I can't implore you to buy this release enough! Fully endorsed. 


Matt says: Flying out before it even hit the website (never mind the shelves) last time.. Music to turn your brain inside out as Huerco S, Caveman LSD & Naemi re-invent the rule book in terms of dubbed-out hardware bliss clouds. An imperative release, bound to be one of my faves from the year...

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