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Pinchy & Friends burst onto the Piccadilly playlist a couple of months back with an awesome inaugural release from Amaringo, bringing pure ayahuasca dancers for the shamanic set. Now the label returns with a a candlelit space opera by the Ghost Vision. This record (the duos third) is a multi-part suite that blend the old and the new into a retrofuturist tender sunset disco and chillingly cerebral kosmiche.
The journey begins with “Mirador,” a song which itself has been on a long journey; for some time now, it’s been mysteriously floating around from one mix to another, acting as a sonic salve, providing aural nourishment to those who listen. A sensuous, snaking piano groove sparkles atop a velvety bed of electronic mysticism that slowly swells and stretches over its seven-minute runtime of Balearic absolute. Shades of Quintus Project and a tinge of end of summer sadness linger throughout, only adding to the sublime beauty of the track.
From there, we tumble into a more nebulous headspace with “Ozen,” a gravity-defying instrumental mantra and guided meditation, a live recorded composition that pensively glides across the new age and ambient tropes while being beholden to neither but featuring pentatonic scales and mysterious phased string synthesisers.
A deeply felt musical expression that balances the chakras as it stirs the spirit and awes the intellect.


Patrick says: Sublime Balearic business here on the second outing for Pinchy And Friends. On the A-side Ghost Vision tap the well of melancholy lurking within any decent Balearic record, conjuring thoughts of lost love and failed holiday romances, while soothing the soul via Night Flight "Mirador". The flip offers a more new age outing - no less spectacular despite the haze.


A1. Mirador
B1. Ozen

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