Editales Vol. 2

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Ooomph. The Degustibus fam come through with another edible offering, this time from label mainstay Ditongo, who channels his inner Soundstream on two chomped, chopped and chunky club cuts. On the A-side, "Copacabana" is a vintage disco-sampling house bomb, all tight loops, filters and bumping percussion. Success in these matters relies on two things; sample selection and groove management, and Ditongo teaches us all a lesson here. Plucking all the finest ingredients from his source material (sparkling synth vamps, Chic-style rhythm guitar and Brazilian vocals), the producer leys out a perfect arrangement, balancing hypnotic repetition with unexpected diversions, infectious drum breaks and a pelvis thrusting swing. Chuck in the system ready heft of his added percussion and EQs and we're ready to rock out under the mirrorball. Over on the flipside "Internazionale" opens with a breathy Brazilian scat, sizzling boogie rhythm and mid tempo groove, before letting loose with a totally irresistible synth bass. Working the sequencer like a Soulwax classic, Ditongo eventually drops in some neon tinged lead lines and takes us strutting into killer mainroom boogie territories. Ace!


Sil says: Imagine a cross between Sound Stream and some Disco Deviance regular editor and you get what 'Copacabana' is about. 'Internazionale' is slow burner perfect to give your punters an idea of things to come!



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