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Don't Believe It's Over

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With a bigger grin than Barry when he found a tenner on the floor, Mannequin Records present a rare lost demo tape recording of Caroline K - real name Caroline Kaye Walters - founder member of Nocturnal Emissions, one of the best UK experimental/industrial music groups in the 1980s.

When the label approached Nigel Ayers about the possibility of pressing a small batch of the edit made by head-honcho Alessandro Adriani, they never expected to find more material from her solo career. In fact, the only extant recording of Caroline is her LP 'Now Wait For The Last Year' released in 1987 by Earthly Delights and eventually repressed by Klanggalerie / Blackest Ever Black Black.

Presented in 4 different versions - Original, Dub, Instrumental and Edit - 'Dont Believe It's Over' was recorded in 1983 at Caroline's home studio in Brixton, during a pause from the main project Nocturnal Emissions. With the help of Beverley Ireland - a mysterious friend of Caroline, who currently proves untraceable - on the vocals, Caroline used a full hardware arsenal comprising Sequential Circuit Six Tracks and Drumtracks, Roland SH-101, Roland Tr-808, Powertran Vocoder, EMS Synthi, some Casio, all recorded on a Fostex 8 tracks reel-to-reel. Caroline and Beverley completed a full demo cassette and sent it around to few labels, and no one unfortunately got interest. Eventually Caroline suggested later Nigel to include 'Don't Believe It's Over' on the Nocturnal Emissions retrospective 'Duty Experiment' cassette, released on Soleilmoon Records in 1988.
With the utmost thanks to Nigel and Danny Ayers for making it all possible, Mannequin release this minimal wave masterpiece in Loving Memory of Caroline Kaye Walters. 


1. Dont Believe It's Over (Original Version)
2. Dont Believe It's Over (Dub)
3. Dont Believe It's Over (Alessandro Adriani Re-Edit)
4. Dont Believe It's Over (Instrumental)

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