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Slip your moorings and start to drift, this is a gem from Japan. Released through his own Scaffolder imprint, "Sink In" is the debut LP from Osaka's ind_fris, who utilises analog synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, and vintage Rhodes piano to arrive at his gentle aquatic sound. Taking influence from ambient, new age, jazz-fusion, and deep house sounds, ind_fris came up with the ideas of making something odd but strangely familiar to daily life. Rinsing the delicate, melodic compositions through the acid wash of Osaka's club underground, the multi-instrumentalist created a dreamlike reflection of the waking world - magical realism via music, maybe Murakami on the shore. Alongside a hazy, coastal cover of jazz standard "Blue Moon", the LP offers the wavetable ambience of "Sink In", lysergic dream dub of "Guitar Under Water", Fingers-esque house of "Casa De Nada", mid afternoon melodica of "Airplane Going Nowhere", hazy and lazy groove of "Mean Time" and the snaking, subtle and seductive charms of "Moon Inside Me". Put winter behind you and sink into this sublime LP.


Patrick says: As far a personal box ticking goes, it doesn't get much better than this. A self-released debut LP from a Japanese multi-instrumentalist, inspired by ambient, new age, deep house and jazz-fusion. Landing in my lap dressed in a crisp sleeve adorned with a Matisse-styled collage. And the best part is, it's even better than I hoped. This is deep, dreamlike Balearic to be enjoyed for many summers to come.


A1. Sink In
A2. Guitar Under Water
A3. Casa De Nada
B1. Airplane Going Nowhere
B2. Mean Time
B3. Moon Inside Me
B4. Blue Moon

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