Deep Nalström

Naive Melodies

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Natural Selections

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**Amazing James Ferraro / vapourwave-inspired hynogogic dream music!

A machine mirage. A hallucinogenic haze. Where Moogs mimic animal noise. Sine waves and tribal toms send jungle signals. A twilight chorus in a forest of sound. Its deep, deep, blue canopy lit by shooting stars. Third eye lightening. Wildlife roar, and temple gong drone. A bubbling skunk Funk swamp where New Age meets Nuova Neapolitan Fusion. Tubular vibrations give rise to flights of birds. Bongos back Belleville, Michigan, relics. Bottomless bass exudes womb-like warmth. Drums dance in Nyabinghi ceremony, while gurus question God`s plan, and your place in it. Discuss the search for freedom, through spirituality, and drugs. Conclude that 'Freedom without balance is destruction'. This Cosmic chatter intro-ing beatless calm. A float on primordial ooze with John C. Lilly. States altered. Trance taking hold. Time a mere construct. Snake charmer melodies sing and tempt, hypnotic like Kaa. Shimmy to percussive sambas. Percussion hits resonate. Metallic gamelan smashing through Digidub. Ancestors calling through echo. Fragments ping-ponging, colliding. Into an eternal infinite. A post-Singularity fourth world. A post-Human Eden. Mechanized. Paradise reborn.


Matt says: WTAF is this then?! You know I'm a sucker for a complete and concise sonic world but this bloody takes the biscuit! Beam me up Scotty I don't wanna come hoooommme! Essential musica for interplanetary beings!


A1. Sanctuary (03:44)
A2. Liquid Diamonds (04:28)
A3. The Dream People (05:25)
A4. Between Spaces (03:46)
B1. Caravane II (04:55)
B2. Inner Collapse (05:41)
B3. Albatros (08:31)

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