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For the last fifteen years, Nouvelle Vague has been resuscitating, sometimes introducing, dozens of songs from the New Wave and Punk repertoires – some quite well known, others almost forgotten. But the story is far from over.  In response to the 2004 debut album, which became an instant classic, Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux experimented with various musical paths. Many songs are thus recorded. The songs that are relevant to each album's theme are released. But many covers would remain under wraps, while others, although ready for release, were relegated to the vaults. These previously unreleased recordings are featured on "Curiosities".


1. Sweet Dreams
2. My Girl
3. Girl You Want
4. Under The Flag
5. Brass In Pocket
6. I’m In Love With A German Film Star
7. Don’t You Want Me
8. Blank Generation
9. Mirror In The Bathroom
10. Sex Beat
11. Ghost Rider
12. Nowhere Girl

A1. Sweet Dreams
A2. My Girl
A3. Girl You Want
A4. Under The Flag
A5. Brass In Pocket
A6. I’m In Love With A German Film Star
B1. Don’t You Want Me
B2. Blank Generation
B3. Mirror In The Bathroom
B4. Sex Beat
B5. Ghost Rider
B6. Nowhere Girl

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