Kyoto / Zoe Sinatra

Venetian Blinds / Mais Qu’est-Ce Que Tu Fumes?

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Stroom stay on message with their latest maxi 12", offering a fresh press to a pair of Belgian synth pop rarities from the era of patched denim, heavy eye shadow and Swatch watches. On the A-side, we travel to 1986, where Belgian outfit Kyoto have hit the studio with the sadly uncredited Belinda de Bruyn, whose glacial vocals rest perfectly in the steely synthwave groove. Built out of white funk guitars, tight bass, metallic percussion and the full range of the DX7, this track paints a picture of a Secret Agent Man on the streets of Brussels, a slick Soft Cell with more on their mind than the right direction to the red light district, or Vienna without the melodrama. Moody 80s magic in other words. On the flipside, we get the sought after B-side from Zoe Sinatra's 1990 7" "Size XXL", a breathy synth pop stroller which serves up a mostly spoken vocal francais on a synth laded groove somehow reminiscent of both JMJ's "Souvenirs De Chine" and "Blah Blah Cafe". Wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful, this pervo pop winner should hit home for Balearic, cosmic and synth fans alike. 


Patrick says: Another ace maxi from Stroom, offering a new lease of life to a pair of previously unobtainable synthwave beauties. Suitably seductive (looking at the sleeve, I think that's the idea here), both cuts give us a spoken female vocal, metallic percussion and grayscale synth sounds of a superior quality to their competitors. Straight in my record bag I reckon.


Kyoto - Venetian Blinds
Zoe Sinatra - Mais Qu’Est-Ce Que Tu Fumes?

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