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Frame Of Mind

About this item

Re-issue of Mark Broom's "Drift" and "Flip Flop" tracks originally released on Mosaic in 1998. Remastered and adjusted versions, "Flip Flops" jumps off the wax with vibrancy and clarity, it's plethora woodblock hits ratcheting up that primitive, unrelenting techno energy perfectly while that soft-play bassline rubs up in the erogenous zones giving the track a sexy edge. Other lead track, "Drift" begins life in a more spacious and cerebral realm, before dropping into a precise, sniper-shot of jack drums and fizzing bass, those phazed pads drifting in and out of focus throughout. Mega.

Other tracks skirt between electro-infused wobblers and glitched out technoid breaks - all possessing that Broom-esque flair and ingenuity. This is a boss bumper pack of bad boy teck - you need!


1 Flip Flops
2 R-Root
3 Bgr
4 Drift
5 Drift (Dub Mix)
6 Flip Flops (Dub Mix)

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