Teddy & The Rough Riders

I Found Somethin'

Image of Teddy & The Rough Riders - I Found Somethin'
Record Label
Third Man Records

About this item

Luckily for us, Teddy and the Rough Riders have been burning up the Nashville underground over the past few years. With roots deep in psychedelia, the group stripped back all the trimmings to a Velvets rhythm section and steeped it in a Music Row dive bar for their own brand of country rock that is poppy, precise, well-educated and completely self-aware. What, then, would be the point of an exaggerated drawl or a convenient new interest in roping cattle? The Teddys' sound is country that, somewhat paradoxically, lives and breathes in the city.

For fans of The Byrds, Link Wray and CCR. This one’s not to be missed. 

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