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Reseq EP

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Analog and funky disco define this new Space Dimension Controller offering. 'Beyond Pulso IV' throws in some kind of guitar notes and a ravingly funky bassline that takes you back to a past that never happened. Early Environ releases come to mind though!
On 'First Contact With System Lobitso' is peak time material with its faster beats and playful melody and again, funky notes. There is no moody attitude here, it is all very shiny and clean but definetely we are not in outer space now as it has been with past releases. This one is for us earthlings craving to have a good hedonistic dance. SDT (make sure those letters are in the correct order) is providing the soundtrack for your wild night. 


Sil says: Nice, clean, sunny melodies on offer here by well-seasoned SDT who is focusing solely in care-free dancing for those who want to have a good time. You need this!


A. Beyond Pulso-IV
B. First Contact With System Lobitso

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