Rok The Hall / Like That

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Me Me Me

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Retro sounds on the front on this 'Rok the Hall' tune. Early hours, smoky and dingy basement, dodgy fellas around and loads of sweat. Strobe lighting and red lights. 'Rok The Hall' adds to the vibe with its dark(ish) electro and acid attacks. All safe though, your face will not be destroyed. 

Johnny Aux decides to sweeten the affair and brings you the sunshine, takes you out of the basement into the main dancefloor upstairs where everybody is going nutty bombaaaty with this Mr. Fingers homage. There is really no trace of the original here. So let's say that Mr Fingers is behind the decks now. Very pleasant. 
On the flip, Cristophe carries on rocking the Kasbah. There are retro beats and snares to please the old fellas and also a thumpy, fat beat to please the modern more young punters. All good. 
Frank Butters revises 'Like That' and puts the emphasis on the asyncopated beat and of course the acid. A well done re-craft that will  assure everyone things are sound and safe in the Me Me Me camp. 
Nice one. Bring on some more, please!


Sil says: Peak time sounds both for the main floor and the basement. Acid, retro, 90s, and thumpy beats and groovy bass all collide to produce a great cocktail that will please many. Nightime soundtrack for those who know.


A1. Rok The Hall
A2. Rok The Hall (Johnny Aux Remix)
B1. Like That
B2. Like That (Frank Butters Remix)

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