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'Oh Transistor' is dark and menacing with a thumpy, fat beat coming on strong to drag you into a hypnotic rhythm and an ondulating wave of sound with a bit of Space Invaders feel thrown in for major effect. This sounds a bit like any of the remixes that James Holden used to produce in his golden era - but without the broken intricate beats. 
'Rare Formations' is a fast house tune with a stuck and looped key that ends up making tons of sense when the bass kicks in. You could also drop 'Midnight Express' by Patrick Cowley (I think that is who made it) and it would work wonders. Same bmp. 
As it is mandatory with a four tracker, there is always a slowed down track. And this is the one. A nice welcome after all the rush and sweat on the A side. This one is a bit trippy in a good way. Playful and groovy. 
And the same vibe goes for the closing track 'Cascade' It almost sounds like a Jean Michel Jarre, and that in my books is an excellent feat. 
Well rounded and diverse ep from Drumtalk. Still in form, still worth your time (and money!)


Sil says: Great comeback from the man who never really went away. Two seriously good house tracks on the A side accompanied with couple of chuggy, chilled takes for the early hours. Top draw.


A1. Oh Transistor
A2. Rare Formations
B1. Chrome Rainbows
B2. Cascade

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