Riding For A Fall

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Is another EP from D.K. about to land on Antinote while the first one has been announced only a month ago?
Well, this looks very much like a series and – spoiler alert – Riding For A Fall EP is the second installment in a

With a BPM crossing the 120 line on 2 out of 3 tracks, there’s little doubt that this second 12” is also meant to be
played in a club environment. The 9:37 min long Voices sprawls over the whole A-side. Like many productions
stamped “D.K.”, the structure is linear only in appearance: it winds up and down between fantasized exotic
landscapes, digital plug-ins mimicking “far east” instruments that are barely recognizable. It gets even snakier with
the Samurai Showdown-inspired Shoubuari (Battle): pixel swords brushing past our ears, martial drumming and
menacing synths (D.K., were you the kind of kid who owned a Neo Geo?) - it’s pretty obvious that we’re in the
world of SNK’s legendary fighting game.
Things calm down with Riding For A Fall: less button-mashing, more concentration as we’re witnessing the sacred
martial art known as Street Fighter’s quarter circles… But enough with these video game metaphors! No need to
be a pro-gamer to enjoy this piece of music. It’s sad & slow house music with a cinematographic quality – and,
perhaps, the most moving moment in this series of 12”.
To be continued…


1. Voices
2. Shoubuari (Battle)
3. Riding For A Fall

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