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Record Label
Box Bedroom Rebels

About this item

Group Photos hail from San Bernardino, California and make incredible shoegaze pop. Like a mix of Interpol's delivery with Slowdive's blissed droning peaks that cut through the songs with touches of shimmering & delayed flecks of sound. Add a dash of experimental field recordings, crisp acoustics & fx, and it's a seductive collection of tracks on the ever-present Box Bedroom Rebels! Opening instrumental "Safety" sets you off with its hypnotic jangling riffs before melting into a long ecstatic drone as the acoustic strum of "Infirmary" fades in before the track explodes to life and races off before blending into "In The Morning", a high speed sprinter with crescendo upon crescendo that never eases up. Side 2 starts with another instrumental track "Cut", with its ambient soundscapes and the whirrr n click of electronics. "Frequency" is the longest track on the EP - a beautiful hypnotic slice of dreampop. "Flight Lessons" is full on blissed-out, lo-fi shoegaze; dreamy, etherial and woozy before the EP ends on a short instrumental piece "Birds Under A Bridge" - a ghostly track that ripples with unnatural echo, concludes the EP in beguiling form. 

7 track 33rpm 7" housed in one of 5 different coloured risograph sleeves containing one of 2 different gatefold full coloured doublesided inserts plus a stamped envelope containing 9 track download code, BBR Letter, Group Photos confetti & postcard.


Side A
In The Morning

Side AA
Flight Lessons
Birds Under A Bridge

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