Shirley Finney

Pray Again

Image of Shirley Finney - Pray Again
Record Label
Rain&Shine Limited

About this item

"Pray Again" is Shirley Finney’s first LP outing from 1979. Officially licensed and re-mastered from Savoy reel-to-reel tapes. Undeniably one of the best 12” LPs for gospel / soul / disco instrumentation, vocal arrangement and pure vibes, whether for the bedroom or the dancefloor. Shirley Finney is personally involved in this project, and is overjoyed to see her LP hot in demand almost 40 years after the original recording (original LP will set you back $300+).


A1. Pray Again
A2. God Will Work A Miracle
A3. Give Your Best To The Master
A4. Lead Me, Guide Me
B1. Go On, There's Something Telling Me To Go On
B2. God Is Real
B3. Lovely Day, Just A Little Talk With Jesus
B4. What A Friend

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