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Insect-Talk - Inc. Tolouse Low Trax & Howes Remixes

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Following releases by Trevor Jackson and Jack Latham (Jam City), this new 12" on Utter features a rare alternate 'Dry' version of legendary post-industrial group O Yuki Conjugate's "Insect-Talk" from their 1995 album "Equator". Alongside this long lost treasure we get contemporary versions by Tolouse Low Trax (Salon Des Amateurs), Howes (Cong Burn / NTS Radio) and OYC themselves.

"Insect-Talk" is pioneering in that in 1995 it seems to have discovered the entire sonic landscape that much of the modern entheogenic and esoteric producers are occupying now. 'Rainforest'-aligned and shamanically guided, this is evocative music from another dimension but seems completely normalized in our current neo-hallucinatory, augmented reality.

German electro-goth Tolouse Low Trax is the first obvious choice for remix action; his version almost sounding like a continuation of the original's theme, his creeping, step-sequenced approach lending an even eerier edge to this already tense workout.

Local lad Howes drizzles plenty of Mancunian plasma over the stems; conjuring up a thoroughly unique version that is both nestled in shamanic and science fiction realms; if witchcraft exists on Mars; then this is what the medicine men and women are listening to whilst they brew their potions! Finally, O Yuki themselves offer up a re-vamp of the track; emphasizing its future vision through forward>>reversed paraphrasing, celestial SFX and a minimalist, ambient approach.

This is amazing! Difficult to find words, impossible not to be captivated....


A1. Insect-Talk (Dry)
A2. Insect-Talk (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
B1. Insect-Talk (Howes Reduction)
B2. Insect-Talk (O Yuki Conjugate 2018 Remix)

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