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Peace Bird

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Running Back

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Hi-grade vintage Running Back tackle here from Genius Of Time who contributes a three track EP so in tune with the label's harmonics I'm surprised that glass is shattering all around me.

Running Back, if you didn't know, practically invented the term 'coastal house' here at Piccadilly - their blend of crisp drums, euphoric riffs and hedonistic outlook define what it feels like to have the sun burning down on your carefree face as you blissfully dance away your troubles on some exotic island (or simply knee deep in mud in some UK field praying for a break in the clouds...).

Genius Of Time decides to show the rest of the label just what holiday excess sounds like as three tracks tickle all areas of our outer spectrum. If "Peace Birds" the anthem that'll have your arms raised, "Smiling Into Eternity" is surely what'll soundtrack star-lit dancing as the day turns to night. "Rymd01" concludes with a deep technoid chugger that's primed for extended plays in Barbarellas, Space or Vortex as night becomes the next day...


Matt says: Grandiose holiday house vibes from market leaders Running Back who, with Genius Of Time in tow, juice the summer sun nice and early and get us reet in the mood!


Side 1
1. Peace Bird
Side 2
1. Smiling Into Eternity
2. Rymd01

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