Technology Fascination

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Star-aligned electro here from Cygnus decide to travel thru their nearest cluster via a fairly vintage set of kit - with a characteristically lo-fi, bit reduced but nonetheless trustworthy equipment list in order to get them into orbit.

All the standard electro tropes are well and accounted for - vocodered vox, fluttery keys, sine waves swirls and jagged beats but don't chuck this in the slag heap with the other mechanized also-rans - there's a degree of panache and synchronicity amongst machines here that keeps the listener hooked; occupying a similar desirable plane as RX-101 and Lowfish. 


Sil says: A melange between Kraftwerk and electro. Done very nicely and definitely one to keep in mind when you come to the shop (the virtual one counts too).


1. Technology Fascination
2. Videomode (vocal)
3. Videomode (instrumental)
4. Cyberspace (vocal)
5. Cyberspace (instrumental)
6. Flashback

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