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London’s elusive Lukid has never been one for convention. In the few short years between 2007-2012, he struck out on a seemingly effortlessly impeccable run of releases on fellow iconoclast Darren ‘Actress’ Cunningham's mighty Werkdiscs imprint, as well as his own label Glum. Those albums and EPs flaunted genre distinctions and embraced a freewheeling approach to melody, rhythm and atmosphere that felt at once exotically psychotropic and yet grounded in a resolutely english eccentricity. Thus, they feel like especially-prescient recent classics that continue to find new fans.

In the intervening years, Lukid’s energy has been poured into his stunning monthly transmissions on NTS while his output has been sparse aside from a pair of mindbending EPs via Liberation Technologies and Glum, respectively. Those radio sets serve as a telling blueprint for his contribution to the ongoing Arcola project. From low slung Memphis rap mixtape cuts to clattering industrial cassette rarities, turbulent grime and outsider synth hallucinations there is a warped palette that comes vibrantly alive across the four included tracks here. The stormy bump and spectral melancholy of ‘The Drip’ and ‘Clappers’ seems to wed them together as thematic bedfellows across both sides of the EP while ‘Head Shrinker’ tries to squeeze an overcast psych-pop opus out of a rack of malfunctioning hardware. Spit out the other side of this ride you exit to the chopped-and-screwed goth grime of ‘Conked Out’, having had your brain smeared with the uniquely viscous ectoplasm that only Lukid can excrete. Perfectly slimy.


A2.Head Shrinker
B1.The Clappers
B2.Conked Out

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