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Tropical Jam 3

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Tropical Jam

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Another of Vakula's limited edition edit records. This time the Ukrainian wonderchild turns his hand to South African synth boogie as he unearths and tweaks three house-not-house, mid 80's bangers from the SA 'underground'. Now, we're not getting all arsey on Vak here - but we're well accustomed to a bit of this here at Piccadilly following the amazing "Gumbo Fire..." comp plus loads of reissues from Don Laka's amazing catalogue (basically, if it's dance music, from South Africa, and it was made between '82 - 2002, you can confidently bet that Don Laka was involved.. - ed).

Anyway, trusty old Vakula's chosen some great numbers, none of which we've heard before so thank goodness for that. Just grab it and have a listen - you won't be disappointed!


Matt says: Summer 2019: South African synth boogie / proto-Kwaito sounds become the rage. Vakula joins the charge. Everyone dances.


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