Ad Absurdum

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Huntleys + Palmers

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Ever since hearing Pete Tong announce "Chica Wappa" as his Essential New Tune back in 2004, we’ve been following the bold Alex Smoke on his musical journey. Coming from Glasgow, Alex introduced and strengthened the city's love for the likes of Villalobos, Rhythm & Sound, Carl Craig and Actress, amongst others. Although he was a familiar face on the ‘minimal’ scene, he always operated on his own terms throughout his career. Not only is he comfortable releasing techno on Soma and R&S, he’s produced for ballet, films and even the NHS.

Here with a new album, compared by some of his immediate circle to that of Thom Yorke's "The Eraser", it a deep and diverse field of sound that rides an electronic crescendo into ethereal and evocative terrains.

Weaving in and out of cerebral pop, synth-driven emotion and club-derivative beats thru a focussed yet experimental storyline, "Ad Absurdum" paints a colourful canvas laced with electronic textures and futuristic rhythms whilst paying tribute to the art of modern songwriting with a keen ear for the present. Alex Smoke has done it again; most recommended. 


2.The Lost
3.Bang Bang
6. Idioms
7. Indoctrinato
8. Doctrine
9. Song For Change
10. Rapture Logic
11. Sing A Song
12. Dybbuk
13. Spivate
14.Ship Of Fools 

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