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The Dewi Fondop EP

About this item

The trusty Luv*Jam returns with another ex-terrestrial Crow Castle Cuts installment as UFO4 beams in from the cosmos. Spaced out biz from prime time nippers RVDS, Tape Hiss & No Moon. Last of the UFO series on CCC with only 222 units in circulation worldwide, no RP!

As usual a spiritual cleansing ascention guaranteed throughout with dreamy soft textures, wide-screen atmospheres and super crisp beats, all encapsulated amongst 5-dimensional pads and heavenly sonic structures. Personal favourite for me has to Tape HIss' "Fade" who ensures anthemic status via Detroitian synth shards and early bleep-era mechanics; traversing across the galaxy with its neon set to dazzle.

Lush earthy grey vinyl with unique 40mm mustard microdot labels.

Complete with compelling art insert. 


A1. Tape Hiss - Fade
A2. No Moon - Last Trak @64
AA1. RVDS - Strings Of Black (Luv*Jam Black Moon ReNiP)
AA2. RVDS - Strings Of Black (Luv*Jam Black Moon 303 Secret NiP Tool)
AA3. RVDS - Strings Of Black (Luv*Jam Black Moon End Of Night Secret NiP Tool)
AA4. RVDS - Turtle Real

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