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Deep Fried Fanclub

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Fire Fidelity

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This album is an amalgamation of TEENAGE FANCLUB’s currently out of print B-sides, rarities and also includes universally loved "Everything Flows" from their debut album A Catholic Education. Teenage Fanclub's sugary indie sound is delivered with a forthright rock approach you'd expect from Big Star or Dinosaur Jr. Celebrating a career spanning two decades this collection highlights lost gems making them available once again in a lovingly packaged LP. Featuring "Speeder" (a B-Side on "Everything Flows" and "Everybody's Fool") and none other than DON FLEMING at the helm for production duties on "Weedbreak" (B-Side from their very first single "God Know It's True"). Complete with covers of Neil Young and Beat Happening to name a few, this album is perfect for a sunny afternoon with some time to kill.


Side A:
A1 Everything Flows
A2 Primary Education
A3 Speeeder
A4 Critical Mass (Orig)
A5 The Ballad Of John And Yoko
A6 God Knows It's True

Side B:
B1 Weedbreak
B2 So Far Gone
B3 Ghetto Blaster
B4 Dont Cry No Tears
B5 Free Again
B6 Bad Seed

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